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Utah Bottoms, site of Rio Mesa.





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Bonderman Field Station at Rio Mesa

Bonderman Field Station at Rio Mesa is a real-world laboratory for integrated thinking about humans and their place in biologically complex, but fragile, systems. The Station promotes research, courses and professional training at the interface of history, anthropology, biology, art and sustainability around the following themes:

  • Water as the lifeblood of the West
  • Human history and sustainability on the Colorado Plateau
  • Solitude and inspiration

Our facilities are available for research, classes, workshops, and writers- and artists-in-residence.



Undergraduate Research Opportunities in Biology

Undergraduates are currently being sought by Dr. Tim Graham to assist on several biology projects in and around Bonderman Field Station. Interested students should contact Zach Lundeen for more information.

Undergraduate Research Grants Undergraduates are encouraged to apply to this funding opportunity to support small projects.

2017 Young Scholar Research Grants

Small grants are available to Grad students and junior faculty to support research on the Colorado Plateau. (Application Form)

Support the Field Station

Field House

The field house is a proposed classroom and lab facility. Students and researchers will prepare and process data in a setting that promotes interdisciplinary interaction.

The Williard L. Eccles Foundation has provided seed funds for this project.

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Fellowship Fund

For undergraduates engaged in independent research at Bonderman Field Station at Rio Mesa.

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Named Tent $5000

Named Fire Pit $1500

Bench $1000

Pavers $500

Cottonwood $100

Friend $50

Give to the U - Fellowship Fund

Last Updated: 4/30/17