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Bonderman Field Station at Rio Mesa currently offers both camping and housing for researchers and classes.


Use of housing by researchers will generally be on a first-request basis.

Deck House has one large sleeping area with 4 full size beds, and a futon (additional cots & carpeted floor space can be used, if needed, to accomodate small groups). Deck House also has kitchen and bath facilities that are shared by all researchers at the station.

El Shack has two full beds (bunk style) and electricity--no water, bathroom, or kitchen.

Camping: We have an off-grid campground that supports groups of up to 40. The solar-powered bath house offers potable water, hot showers, flush toilets, as well as indoor and outdoor lighting. Full cooking facilities with propane cooktops, dishwashing sinks, pots&pans, plates, utensils, refrigeration, and animal proof food storage are also provided. The campground has 10 small cabins with bunk-style cots that can sleep up to 36 (3-4 cots per cabin). Additional room for tent camping is available. The campground also has a 30-foot yurt, and a covered picnic/shade shelter with seeting for large groups.

Fees: All users* are required to pay a use fee according to the following fee schedule:

  • University of Utah faculty, students, and staff- $5/person/night.
  • Other educational users/institutions- $10/person/night
  • Non educational organizations- $15/person/night
  • Day-use groups- $50

* University of Utah users conducting federally funded research at the station are exempt from user fees.

future camping area

Last Updated: 5/22/19