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Rio Mesa Undergraduate Fellowships

Undergraduate students at the University of Utah are encouraged to apply for funding to conduct a project at the Bonderman Field Station at Rio Mesa. Fellowships are open to any project from any discipline, however preferences will be given to projects that are most consistent with the mission and values of the Bonderman Field Station at Rio Mesa. The goal of the field station is to further the ecological value of open space through research, education (academic and public) specifically related to wildlife, ecology, habitat, the environment, conservation, sustainability, and modern and historic human-environment interactions.

Projects can be initiated by a faculty mentor or by the student. Funds will be awarded to the faculty mentor for disbursement to the student. Work may take place at Rio Mesa or at the University of Utah. Awards (up to $1000) are to be used for supplies, and/or travel (including per diem). Funds may not be used for stipends, travel to meetings, or tuition.

A mid-term report on the student work is due 6 months after the funding is awarded, a final report after 1 year.

Application materials are being accepted on an open timeline, however grants will be reviewed three times a year:

May 31

September 31

January 31


Please submit your application to Zach Lundeen at



Last Updated: 6/26/19