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Bonderman Field Station at Rio Mesa Contacts

Bonderman Field Station at Rio Mesa is administered through the Office of the Vice President for Research


 Zach Lundeen, Rio Mesa Director    Zach Lundeen, Director
Research Assistant Professor, Geography
332 S. 1400 East, Rm. 217
Salt Lake City, UT 84112
(801) 585-3177
 Andrea Brunelle, co-research director   Andrea Brunelle, Research Co-Director
 Mitch Power, co-research director   Mitch Power, Research Co-Director
Hau Truong, Site Manager   Hau Truong Site Manager
 Kate Magargal, research assistant & outreach coordinator   Kate Magargal, Research Assistant & Outreach Coordinator
 Oscar Duncan, site assistant   Oscar Duncan, Site Assistant


Advisory Committee

University Affiliations


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Andrea Brunelle


Chair, Department of Geography

Professor, Department of Geography

Research Curator, Utah Museum of Natural History

Co-Director of Research, Rio Mesa

Mitch Power


Curator of the Garrett Herbarium, Utah Museum of Natural History

Co-Director of Research, Rio Mesa

Associate Professor, Geography Department

Wendy Wischer


Assistant Professor, Art/Art History Department

Jeffrey McCarthy


Director of Environmental Humanities

Professor (Lecturer), Honors College

Thure Cerling


Distinguished Professor, Biology

Distinguished Professor, Geology & Geophysics

Lynn Bohs


Steering Committee, International Solanaceae Genome Initiative

Adjunct Curator, Utah Museum of Natural History

Professor, Biology

Sarah Bush


Assistant Professor, Biology

Steven Dickman


IACUC Director



Amanda Smith


Assistant Professor, Mechanical Engineering

Jim O'Connell


Emeritus Staff, Anthropology Department

Distinguished Prof Emeritus, Anthropology Department

Shane McFarlan


Assistant Professor, Anthropology Department

Sylvia Torti


Dean Honor College

Associate Professor (Lecturer), Honors College

Adjunct Associate Professor, Biology


Last Updated: 3/29/17