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K-12 Community Courses

Rio Mesa also strives to enhance the teaching experience of K-12 educators. We recognize that today's youths are the key to a future economy in Utah that is both vibrant and environmentally-sound. Increasing teacher training and environmental education opportunities in K-12 audiences is one of our major goals.

Upcoming GMap at Rio Mesa

Geospatial Mapping K12 2013

October 18-20


GMap is a real-world outdoor workshop founded by Pat Lambrose. K-12 teachers collaborate with University of Utah scientists and GIS professionals to collect, analyze and map geospatial data at the Center. Teachers improve their geospatial skills and develop relationships with local community scientist.

GMap 2010: Coexistence and Competition in Pogonomyrmex ant communities. Ant Map

Public Lecture Series

With the Public Lecture Series, the Bonderman Field Station at Rio Mesa hopes to encourage the adult population and local community to become aware of issues surrounding ecosystem sustainability, watershed health and global change at Rio Mesa and in the Greater Colorado Plateau region. We hope these topics will act as springboards to broader conversations between environmental scientists, artists, historians and policy makers in southern Utah.

Last Updated: 10/5/16