Experience Rio Mesa

Imagine an isolated ancient floodplain on the Colorado Plateau with a wild river, surrounded by towering cliffs of red-rock canyon country. Imagine now that this is a place to learn about the ecological, cultural and geological wonders of southern Utah. Then also imagine that this place is served by off-grid, ecologically- sensitive facilities for research, education and retreat. This is our vision for Rio Mesa Center, a multi-disciplinary, modern outdoor laboratory for research and education, a place where disciplines as diverse as science, architecture, engineering and art come together to question our notion of what it means to live on the Colorado Plateau, a place where we can communally imagine and act on new narratives for a sustainable future.

Sounds of Rio Mesa

Bat Unidentified (98KB MP3)

Bat 2 Unidentified (148KB MP3)

Dolores River (595KB MP3)

Duck Landing (281KB MP3)

Sparrows (1.8MB MP3)

Sunrise (702KB MP3)

Gold Finches (471KB MP3)

Rain (438KB MP3)

Rain & Runoff (156KB MP3)

Runoff (156KB MP3)

Turkey Vulture 63KB MP3)

Wind (1.3MB MP3)

Woodhouse Toads (851MB MP3)

Recordings by Jeff Rice, Easter Morning April 2011.
Western Soundscape Archive